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Jensen Coat 4.0 Limited Edition

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Men's Coat

$ 289.99

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Sarif Duty Day

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Pearl knit cotton sweater

$ 119.99

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DEUS EX Universe Collection Overview – more Details at


Deus Ex introduced us to the extraordinary Cyber-Renaissance art direction and style. Therefore, our designers followed this guideline, which led to a unique combination of futuristic and retroesque elements.


Our ongoing great relationship with the creators of the Deus Ex Universe is about to become more intense this year. We are very proud to introduce the Deus Ex Reward Access Pass, unlocking exclusive content for Deus Ex. Each product will come with one Access Pass Card attached featuring a unique code, which can be redeemed through the Deus Ex Companion app.


All products highlight the connection to the Deus Ex Universe through subtle and high quality applications. Small golden triangles or engravings of the Deus Ex logo create a balanced conjunction between design and branding.


At musterbrand it is our utmost belief that our products must meet highest expectations in regards of quality of fabrics and manufacturing. Thus, we follow a path of continuous improvement in order to provide the best possible products and service.

DEUS EX Universe Collection Overview – more Details at

Deus Ex Collection Interview

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Receive one of these exclusive VIP Reward Cards with every product of the new Deus Ex line.

Use your Unique ID Code in combination with the scanned Triangle Code to add exclusive content to your account.

Each clothing item purchased will include a VIP Reward card. Scan the triangle code on it with the Deus Ex Universe App to unlock exclusive content (sample only).

About Musterbrand

Musterbrand is a designer label for fashion and accessories. Operating in Hamburg, New York and Singapore, Musterbrand translates the excitement of games and other entertainment brands into contemporary, quality lifestyle products. Musterbrand products are available in more than 70 countries through (US customers can buy through a dedicated domestic shop at

About Deus Ex Universe

Our history with Deus Ex began with the critically acclaimed blockbuster Deus Ex: Human Revolution. We created a clothing line inspired by the game’s artistic design and stunning visual style. With Deus Ex: Mankind Divided, we are entering a new higher level of collaboration with the creators of the game. For the first time in our company’s history, we will bundle digital assets from Deus Ex: Mankind Divided with every item of our Deus Ex Couture.